Nest of gods, fountain of ambrosia. My Jerusalem.

Recently I’ve started to become obsessive about coffee and coffee shops. I’ve been working as a front of house/barista person for a few months and have really got into it. I thought i’d start visiting coffee shops and reviewing them. I’ve been meaning to visit The Coffee shop Espressini in Falmouth for a while, after reading this cosy coffee shop review. I thought it would be a good place start. Here’s what I thought of it:

Before I arrived I thought I’d have a nosy in Picnic (So called independent cafe of the year) I ordered a flat white, it was awful I spat it out and left.

Next was Good Vibes Cafe. Oh Good Vibes Cafe.

After a good while of panic and frustration with google maps I finally found what I was looking for; I had stumbled upon the nest of Gods.

I was greeted by a well presented, jolly chap adorned in a coffee stained apron, reminiscent of a Victorian carpenter taken straight out of a period drama.

He introduced me to the blackboard behind him, hand written in a dandy typeface, a menu of the finest coffees blends available. What stood out to me was a brew bar special. The barista/Victorian craftsman/wizard informed me my coffee would be with me in due time.

I allowed myself to be engulfed by the environment. The shop was perfect, straight out of a Dickens novel. The most fantastic antique lighting illuminated a fine selection of sandwiches and cakes. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world, the perfect collection of vintage furniture. I had transcended into the land of angels.

My coffee arrived, and I was amazed. I sat for perhaps twenty minutes enjoying the scene, sipping my coffee. The splendour of this establishment was nothing short of magnificent.

After observing a few customers come and go, I decided my time was up. I collected my things, and went to pay. Perhaps a flat white would do me good for my travels back to the land of Plymouth. I was handed a 6oz cup, unbeknown to me. That cup held el melon; nectar of the gods it was not brought to the deities of the Pantheon by doves, but to me by the man behind the counter.

I took a sip. I stopped dead in my path, like a rabbit in the head lights. My entire life flashed before my eyes, the flavour that this six ounces of pure heroine was nothing short of a miracle. No longer would mortal blood flow through my veins, but Ichor. The flavour of cherry drops, bourbon vanilla beans, rhubarb and pure happiness danced on my tongue.

After that moment everything became so much brighter, before I was blind and now I can see.

I have honestly never been so happy. Life will never be the same again. Thank you Espressini. Thank you.


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